Hi! We’re Bing and Mel, the founders of Bedtribe. We’ve always been passionate about having high quality sleep. We started Bedtribe with the idea of making it easy for customers to find premium sleep products. High quality and rightly priced bedsheets are hard to find, we know that and we are here to offer you all the assistance and support that you may need.

Our purpose with Bedtribe is to offer immediate access to affordability, quality and professionalism. You will get access to amazing, hotel quality bed sheets and sleep essentials so you can take your sleep to the next level!

A brief introduction about Bing. He is also the owner of a watch specialty shop named Nomad Watch Works, which is located in Singapore and has been serving the watch community in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia since 2017. Aside from being a watch afficionado, he also loves the idea of taking care of himself and improving his health. It has always been important for him to have a good night’s sleep and that has been one of the biggest motivation for starting Bedtribe.

Mel on the other hand, has been in the luxury beauty industry for 7 years. Before starting Bedtribe, she was handling business operations for international prestigious brands such as Estee Lauder and later, Dior. She understands the appeal in quality products and have always felt compelled to share products that are great. With Bedtribe, she felt aligned with the mission and more than ever passionate about giving purpose to what she does, which is to help bridge the gap between premium with affordability.